Privacy Policy

  We at NX-id respect the  privacy of our visitors and are committed to preserving your online safety by  preserving your privacy at anytime you visit or communicate with our site.
  Our Privacy Policy offers you a thorough explanation  regarding your personal data provided to us or any data we may collect from  you.
  This Privacy Policy is updated from time to time;  therefore, it should be reviewed occasionally.
1. Collected Information
  Data can be collected  and processed during the operations of our website. The following are ways we  may perform these actions:
  1.1 Data  regarding your visit(s) to our website and any resources used are  collected.  The following is included and not limited to: location data,  weblogs, traffic data, and any other communication information.
  1.2 Any  forms you filled out on our site allows us to collect data such as registering  for information or when you complete a purchase.
  1.3 If for  any reason you communicate with our personnel or site we may collect  information. 
2. Our Use of Your Information
  Information  stored or collected regarding you helps us improve and offer services you  need.  The following list contains how we might use your data:
  1.1 Any  request you make of our site or personnel allows us to use information you  provided us with, relating to the products or services we have.  We may  also send information on products or services you may be interested in, as long  as consent has been received. 
  2.2 Contract  Commitments: To meet any Commitment we make to you.
  2.3 Changes  or Improvements made to the site can warrant use of your information, with  regard to notification of such changes.
  2.4 An  existing customer may be contacted regarding products and services related to any  item of previous sale you made on our site.
  2.5 We may  use data or allow third parties to use information that is not related to goods  or services you may be interested in.  We or third parties contact you  only if consent has been provided by you at anytime, based on information we  collected.
  2.6 Any new  customer can only be contacted by us or third parties if consent has been  offered via our site.  We only send communications you have consented to.
  2.7 Anyone  who does not wish to give consent for our site or third party use has the  opportunity to decline.  Once we receive your withhold for consent we will  remove your details from any mailings or third party communications. 
  2.8 None of  the information collected about you will offer identifiable characteristics.   Information shared to a third party is statistical only.  We will not  reveal who you are, only mathematical information about our visitors.  
3. Personal Data Storage
  3.1 By  submitting your data to use you have agreed to this transfer and storage of  data.  We take all reasonable action to ensure the safety of your personal  data in agreement with this Privacy Policy.
  3.2 Information  we are provided will be stored on secure servers.
  3.3 You  should understand data via online transmission is not completely secure.   We cannot guarantee full protection and security data, only that we take all  reasonable action to protect information sent to us electronically.   Transmission of any data by you is at your own risk.  Where applicable you  may be given access to sections of our site that require a password.  You  are responsible for the passwords safety and confidentiality. 
4. Information Disclosure
  4.1 At  times we may disclose personal information to persons in our group.  This  can include subsidiaries, holding companies, or any other subsidiaries involved  in our business, if applicable.
  4.2 Third Party disclosure may occur  for the following reasons:
  4.2.1 Selling  any or all of our business to a third party may result in sharing your  information.
  4.2.2 At any  time when we are legally required to we may disclose information about you and  your visits to our sites.
  4.2.3 To  prevent fraud and help in fraud protection in order to reduce credit risk, we  may disclose information. 
5. Third Party Links
  Third party links  may be discovered on our site.  These third party links have their own  privacy policy, which you agree to when you click on the link.  We are not  responsible nor do we accept responsibility for third party links.  Our  liability covers us only on our site, and thus we do not accept liability for  third party links as we have no control over them.  
6. Contacting Us
  Please feel free  to contact us with queries, requests, or comments you may have about our  Privacy Policy.  We welcome any communication via the email address  supplied here: